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Benefits of Video Marketing


Video boosts sales by 80%


Grows ROI by 83%

Builds Trust

Builds trust and credibility in 57% of customers.


Average user spends 88% more time on sites with video.

According to Hubspot, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. Video is truly the future of content marketing. Before consumers decide what to do, where to eat, or what to buy, chances are they watch a video just to make sure it’s the right decision for them. With the rise of smartphones and the flood of written content on the web, it’s no wonder video marketing has become so popular for companies.

Video allows businesses to cut through the clutter of the Internet and convey messages in a clear and concise way. Not only are videos themselves more helpful to consumers, but the presence of a video on a landing page has been proven to increase conversion rates by 80%. Consumers trust videos because they can literally see who is talking to them and representing the business they are deciding to purchase from.

ecko360 Media uses video for a number of different purposes, including building brand awareness, establishing a company’s culture, selling specific products or services, and informing potential audiences about a process. Videos are the perfect form of communication if your company has a lot to say in a short amount of time. Our team takes clients through the entire video process from start to finish. We create video concepts, storyboard ideas, and shot lists, as well as hire actors, shoot, edit, and re-edit until our clients are 100% satisfied. We pride ourselves on being able to produce high-quality, television-ready videos that can be used on your website and across your social platforms. No long boring commercials here. One of ecko360 Media’s strongest abilities is to visually / subliminally convey messages in our work so consumers watch the entire product which makes it that much more valuable.

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